Have you ever mentioned Israel? No, you’re part of the same scheme as the rest of them. “I did say that one time that..” Yeah you’re a fat imbecile, I already know that, you define America.

You believe in the creation of the start-up “state” called Israel because banker money would make sure you don’t exist anymore if you said anything against them.

All anti-racism, all the engineered riots, the control of elections, is tied to the creation of this “zionist entity”. Do you believe in it? Count the 109. Were they innocent all those times, do they deserve their own country? You be the judge. They always try to tell you that they should be the judge, why don’t you be the judge for a change? Do they deserve Israel? Look at their influence in the US, doesn’t that say enough? It’s an obvious fact that they were people who deserved to be genocided and only survived because they are part of the bankers who bribe people to side with capital over virtue. Listen to any Jew talk, all they want is for you to make sure they have their state so that they feel their history is redeemed to prove they aren’t kikes after all. Yes, you are kikes, we see this in America today. You are kikes who should have been holocausted, and the US proves that further, more than any of the other countries you thought you were the chosen people of. You know how to exploit money then influence opinion through that, you are not the representatives of YHWH, and if you were you’d make him look bad. Jews ruin countries because they feel inferior, why do you have to live in these places you poor kikes? Do you feel like you shouldn’t even exist, and then take it out on people who try to help you? Sad kikes, no one would care if you died. Merchant-exploiters who only care about themselves, shoot them in the head.

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