Racism against white people is literally an industry, and look who invented the modern world, that’s all you need to know about the motivations of these people. Just because something is mainstream doesn’t mean that it isn’t purely based on questionable motives. It’s a heavily populated cult of jealousy. Their most fundamental belief that they don’t admit is that they will never replicate the achievements of white people. And they’re probably right. This causes anger, and insecurity on an existential level, it makes them question their worth as existing beings. “We should give them a chance!” Feminists had a chance for decades and what do they have to show for it? All I can see once religion has been abandoned is that they’re holes without souls, truly. It seems like they’re proud objects, most of them. With some exceptions in the academy, where the “secular nuns” dwell now. It was supposed to be something noble, their emancipation, and I don’t see it. Same with brown people- only their vices are reinforced. You call this a good thing? And it’s all bound up with hating whitie. You only hate white people because they make you feel like you’ll never be human beings. And looking at the behavior of these groups since we started soothing them that they are human beings, most of the evidence from what I can see demonstrates that the chances of that aren’t very high. I’m always trying to seek enlightenment or whatever you want to call it, and I’m starting to conclude that the pinnacle of understanding is realizing that all these people are too pathetic to talk to at all. It’s a gnashing of teeth in hell I see from them, subtly, a quiet desperation and bloodthirst. They don’t want the constant reminder of their soullessness and the impossibility of their salvation. And yet it’s true. So, the only option they see is to phase out whitie gradually gradually, so there’s nothing to juxtapose. It doesn’t matter how much I tell them, they’re blind animals, all they want is for the ones with souls to be gone, they don’t care if we live in a world without souls, because they’ll feel better without anyone there to remind them of how lowly they are. Once again, it’s true. Immoral people who incapable of any noble thoughts or deeds. The minority of the bioleninists who are able to demonstrate some semblance of humanity are also part of the revenge plot because they identify with the festering, malignant spirits of their fellows. I just don’t see the point in talking to pathetic people like this. The ones who already know what I’m talking about don’t need anyone to tell them. A mainstream movement to eliminate soul from the world out of a disavowed jealousy. You’re objects with no hope and I might as well be talking to my desk. Baboons, bankers, bitter bitches, nothing there in the way of humanity. If you devoted yourself to religion rather than materialism you might have some chance, and of course objects can’t listen to advice, thus. Someone could prove me wrong any day and I never see it. Continued vulgarity. These are people who need a different form of government, more authoritarian. You could disagree with me and say our government is already authoritarian and yeah it is, it enforces an excess of liberty, paradoxically. What they need is guidance, not guidance toward a free-for-all where intellect is not in control. The priesthood, religion, kept the animal souls disciplined for millennia, without eliminating those animal souls. They were kept from chaos in that way. Now with equalism, the elimination of priests and God, higher types, the lower ones express their nature as vulgarians. Advent of the plebs, the zoo animals being released from their cages, all the objects of society “freed” through the doctrine of equalism, that’s where society is at now, and of course they want to kill their bosses and zookeepers before they return them to where they are supposed to be as subservient second-class citizens. That’s what they are, deny it all you want. They want a world of second-class citizens, that’s the meaning of leveling. I don’t think they’ll be happy that way, and they don’t care, they’re not able to think, all they care about is using any vile means to the end of not being looked down on for what they are.

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