One thing we do know about the Druze is that their “Jesus” is Al-Hakim. It isn’t easy to find reliable information on these people, so if you managed to dig up one of their hidden books that was uploaded to the dark web or something let me know. Another group who holds Al-Hakim in reverence is the Nizari, who believe in ijtihad, meaning independent reasoning as opposed to imitation. They live in 25 different nations though. Isn’t it strange that the Alawites and the Druze are so mysterious, given where they are geographically? At first glance it seems like it’s a survival of Athens right on the border of Jerusalem. Would you attack illiterate Sunnis with chemical weapons to defend a quasi-Athenian leadership? This is possibly the most interesting geopolitical situation in the world. Second perhaps only to the American “Synagogue”.

So anyway, think of it this way. Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Al-Hakim, that’s how the Druze see it. The idea of Greater Israel is to eventually deny the divinity of Jesus, et al. We can see this in the US today. This is why I have a dog in this fight, because I see certain philosophers as more divine than anything in the Torah, Talmud, and anyone who followed that tradition cladistically, Adorno arguably, for instance. So people who have beliefs that disagree with the state religion have a similarity to the Druze and Alawites. The difference is, they have their own country. It isn’t as simple as that though. Because the Druze have to live under the Alawite regime. And the Alawites have to take actions of secrecy so as not to provoke too much hostility from the Sunni majority.

The Druze who live in Israel fly both their flag and the star of david one side by side. Try flying an American flag next to a Nazi one in your yard. Just thought-experiments to try to think outside the box.

This is enviable

You’d really think outside the box if you went there and had chats with these two secretive groups… I still haven’t determined if Americans are even allowed to travel to Syria (as citizens). Think of these two ideas together now- secretive groups, not allowed to travel there. Unless you’re helping destabilize the regime whose religion you know nothing about.

When I think of the Alawites, and the murderous frustration they cause the zoglings, I see a people that thinks highly of itself. You can’t say that about most Americans, the ones who are terrified of challenging the regime they live in. Americans see themselves as not having much worth. What else explains their silence and submission? They regard themselves as lowly subjects. Can’t say that about the Alawites, they regard themselves as knowing the truth and being able to Decide for themselves. Most Americans accept that the truth needs to be told to them, and that if they disagree they’re wrong. That’s why I’m interested in this mysterious people. Most Americans are so pitiful that they identify with the regime that forces them into silence. Such that, if you attack it, or demonstrate sovereignty similar to the Alawites, they will lash out as if you told them their God isn’t real. This is the state of where we’re at. They are happy to be scared into obeying, happy to be servants, and go into emotional rages at anyone who questions their blissful servitude. Pathetic people! Less than human. These Syrians are more human than you. And you’d probably mutter not a peep if “we” did to Syria what we did to Libya, because you secretly want all opposition to your masters to be dead. Aren’t you a good servant.

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