Had a dream I escaped the digital plane and grabbed a thigh, a chicken thigh wink wink. Thinking more about that than my theories that get me into trouble. Holidays are the worst for me. Act like a Syrian, get treated like a Syrian. What a relief it would be to “leave the building” and go travel with someone. Humans weren’t evolutionarily designed for certain levels of thoughtcrime. They were either face-shamed into silence by the irrational element of society (women and those who sympathize with their fragility) or they were simply executed/exiled for heresy. People like me live in a weird world where all that happens spiritually. Any of you frequently banned types feel that way? Shamed, executed, exiled a thousand times, and still alive and talking, just not a normal thing to happen. Thanks, internet. You wish I’d grab your thigh, you wish you wish. This is what I mean when I say the state religion has already been refuted on the plane of ideas. That it can’t be talked about is a different story. They keep Yahweh’s corpse up in the attic and pretend our laughter doesn’t carry throughout the house. You live up in this attic with me, why don’t you act as an envoy and let everyone know that their god is starting to smell and that we want them to stop pretending it’s alive. Locked in an attic with a dead god and a virtual chicken thigh.

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