The French started calling them Alawites, you might find different results if you use their older name

This is a description of one of the various books on them you can find on Arabic Goodreads. The ones you can probably count on to tell you the most about this secret cult are the enemies, the Sunnis and Kurds of Syria, they are the ones who’d have an incentive to exotericize the Alawites.

If we actually do go to war with them, there’s not much we can do, besides watch. And knowing what the Alawites are all about will enhance our experience as witnesses. Rigging the election could’ve been solely about perpetuating “forever wars”. If not solely, 90% about that. That’s just the country we live in. Use isolationist Trump to play the nice guy, see who capitulates in MENA, whoever doesn’t, send the senile warmonger to take care of them.

So, I didn’t link you to this website earlier because I try not to affiliate myself with theories too crazy, although I might see a grain of truth in them, whatever, there you go.

See my post here for theories about this ancient deity. The victors write history, so of course Baal will be seen as a devil in our time. If anyone challenges Mammon the way the Alawites do, then I instantly suspend judgment and wonder what the truth of this ancient war is.

If you think of history sub specie aeternitatis, a thousand years being a blink of an eye, YHWH prevailing in the struggle during times B.C. could be perceived in the year 4000AD as a mistake. Say, in 2023, the Alawites are overthrown in such a blatantly inhumane manner that their sacred books began to be studied with a renewed carefulness, and only then did the West begin to doubt the “chosenness” of those in control…

I see another clue here

the holy book of the Alawites, the Old Book of Esther

Has it been edited?

I want to know how it is that the Alawites find themselves to be one of the only people in the world who stand against the international shekel hegemony. There must be a core of books that led them there. I have such reverence for their defiance. There must be an intellectual basis that we can draw from ourselves. Similar with Iran. It’s a tradition of texts that we can trace. What was it that rendered them immune to the psychic trickery of the enemy? I’ve already mostly traced it with the Greek-German connection- these two middle eastern countries are much more of a mystery.

I’ve spoken before about how what the West really needs is a new Aquinas. Where he reconciled Aristotle with Christianity, we need a Great Thinker to reconcile Abrahamic theology with contemporary quantum theory and ontology generally. This is how we can reverse the death of god in the west. In a similar way that those Druze see Al-Hakim as being the next instantiation of Muhammad, we need a “rationalistic messiah” that gathers together all the strands of science, art, and theology to create a new synthesis, a new religion. As impossibly ambitious as that sounds, the place to start is designating that as the goal to seek. The alternative is to descend further and further into nihilism. They do everything they possibly can to prevent a new Aquinas from emerging. Realpolitikly speaking, it’s either trying to facilitate this type of genius, or… acquiring expertise on Chinese classic literature and philosophy. The latter will be the life-raft if a new Aquinas is concluded to be purely impossible. Step by step, have to start somewhere, and from where I’m watching, resorting to China as the champion of Civilization isn’t necessary, yet. After a few years of Queen Harris I might start studying Mandarin.

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