People are too sensitive to hear it, and I try to tell you so you’re on the same page as someone who can see these things without biasing emotion. Any time that you’ve been a resentful coward and counter-signaled me or people like me, any time you’ve had to tell the public how proud you are that you’re a whore, you’ve only been expressing a pro-Chinese sentiment ultimately. Be too much of a pussy to admit that anti-semites are right, be so much of a whore that you can inspire no one to care about anything, and what you’re going to get is oriental despotism eventually. Pretend that brown people have the same potential to be moral, trustworthy, citizens who can contribute to white society without being parasites, what you’re going to get is China being numbah one. Seriously, I just don’t care about bothering to offer my advice about anything if most of the west is constituted by cowards and whores. You’re already dead if that’s the case, and that is the case. Women are supposed to play a motivating factor in a nation’s life, and whores can’t do that, they do the opposite of that. When I see a whore, all I think is, so… what’s the point of life even? Nasty sluts don’t inspire anyone. Cowards who schmooze jews don’t inspire anyone. You’re just a dead country already, there’s no point in talking to you. All most people can do is pretend that browns, kikes, and whores have dignity. They don’t. Base materialism is what you all represent, and the cowards who apologize for them are in the same group. Worthless people. You deserve what you get. Enjoy the basketball, enjoy the bankers laughing at you, enjoy scooping cat shit out of the litterbox. All you can do is pretend that these types of wretched people shouldn’t be judged. That makes for a wretched country, and we’re living in it! Because you’re one of them probably. Are you a nasty whore, a kike, a nigger, a coward? From what I can tell, that’s 99% of America, if not more. So the chances are, that IS you. I find dunecoons more inspiring than you these days, how pathetic must you be if that is the case? Niggers equal basketball, kikes equal a civilization of immorality, whores equal a society without love, a society with broken families. So fucking congratulations you piece of shit, if you’ve ever exemplified one of these types of human beings, congratulations. “We need to make excuses for them!!” Alright, that leads to China being numbah one, enjoy it you human dirt.

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