They’re glad I find no one in humanity inspiring, because that leads to “judgment”, and that’s something they don’t want.

Let’s just go over the simple questions that none of them have a response for.

Why do they hide the fact of the 109? Could it be that they are demonstrating that they’re the same people who have been designated as people no one wants in their society? Why do they hide the 109? Tell me. Why do you hide it?

That’s eighth circuit. That’s what makes all our society “go”. Never questioning that. And the following is only a result of never questioning the 109.

Does anyone love a whore? Can they be trusted to raise children so that they turn out to be good people. It seems that whores cannot do this. They result in children being raised to perpetuate the same bastard-whore cycle. Do you have a response to this, zoglings? The lives of children are at stake here, and honestly I don’t think you care at all. When a woman is taught that it’s “emancipation” to move from partner to partner to partner, stranger to stranger, purely out of lust, what is the result, are they people who one would trust to be good mothers for children? Answer me that. Do you have a response? Similarly with the 109, there is no response.

Next, do you like the idea of sitting with a boring spic in the stands and watching basketball? That’s where all so-called “multiculturalism” seems to lead. The only reason one would expect something else is through faith in blank-slatism. So do you like basketball, do you like pre-literate jungle people from south america, do you like having conversations with them? None of these questions they can ever answer. They only have faith that brown people will magically be born who have the subjectivity of whites. Is part of what gives you faith in this, a mudbrain using purchased algorithm technology and movie quotes perchance? The muds of the future won’t have that cheatcode, they’ll just be dull niggers who can play basketball at best. So answer the question, why does 109 exist, why do whores lead to vice-prone children who weren’t raised right, why can no amount of “programs” in education change brown people from jungle dwellers to civilized human beings? Can you answer any of those? If you can, do it. If you can’t, make up an excuse. You’re good at that.

Next, why won’t the cowards answer the question of why they can never address any of these problems above? Why are you such a coward? Want to answer that? No, you can’t. Because it’s true, you are a coward. Tell me about the 109, tell me about whores, tell me about mudbrains, tell me about why you’re such a coward. You can never do this. And you wonder why I find nothing inspiring about you. It’s because you’re so cowardly that you never say anything against kikes, niggers, and whores. You might as well be one yourself. Answer one of these questions and prove me wrong, I bet you can’t. Thus you prove that you are one of these types of subhumans. Unless you want to prove you aren’t? And… you can’t, because you are one of them. Enjoy life on the animal plane, nigger.

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