It’s interesting to see what countries were selected for handouts in the recent COVID stimulus bill in the context of the BLM movement that congress has been showing support for all year

Are most of these “black” countries to you? Sudan is well-off next to most

Looking at the “fine print” of this bill

From some noosepaper article

The same article mentions Israel, obviously.

Are these countries going to be paying interest on these loans? Someone else can be bothered to decipher the legalese of the 5600 pages of this bill.

“You can trust me.”

There it is

Readers of my cynical website know the meaning of “interest bearing”, don’t we? Forgetting the fact that Egypt is one of the richest countries in Africa, there’s nothing charitable about making them their debt-slave, it’s just a manipulation of time-preference.

Nothing for subsaharan Africa, I take that as symptomatic. Back to the US though, $600 per person. Add $1200 for the previous check, over nine months, 1800 divided by 9, 200 divided by 30 equals $6.66 per day, I guess you can live on that if you eat ramen noodles, outside, without a microwave.

Looks like Vietnam is getting $169,739,000 too, I wonder who is actually making money on these loans? What other countries are hiding in this? 5600 pages, I’m not going through this country by country. sigh, fine. Look, black lives do actually matter to them – $325,000,000 for the DR Congo. Malawi? Wtf is Malawi? 60 million for them too. Most of the poorest countries aren’t on that – “That can’t be expected to pay back their loans, that’s why.” Just keep finding more and more – $505,925,000 for Central American countries. $461,375,000 for Colombia. $74,800,000 for the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, whatever that is, whoever is tied to that. The list goes on, enjoy your $600.

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