I’ve been meaning to study Belgian Congo and the DR Congo of today – so much land there, and from photos looks like such a nice place, and I see this synchronicity

This was the 1880s. Do the people accepting funds today in 2nd, 3rd world countries even know what “documents” are? Do white people even know?

I find lots of disconcerting parallels between Euro occupation of Africa and ZOG

King Leopold II began the merciless exploitation of these lands and the peoples living on them. These territories Leopold called the Free State of the Congo.

Who is our Leopold? I do think of a few names, though I doubt it’s as centralized as that.

the lands of the Congo were the property of Leopold, but he gave private companies broad rights to use them, which even included judicial functions and tax collection.

Part of how we’re “mental debt slaves” (important concept) is through holding “whites” responsible for people like Leopold. Am I Belgian royalty? Am I one of the Sephardi merchants who owned slaves in the American south?

I wonder about that bill, is it more of an investment than charity?

In pursuit of 300% profit, as Marx said, capital is ready to do anything

This is just the first yandex link I’m mining for coincidences. In that 5600 page doc you see a lot of talk about the money being used to fund democracy. You want to clarify what you mean by that? “Then we’d need 15600 pages!” And that’s how they getcha.

such bloody wealth made him also the most hated man of his time. 

When are we going to recognize our King Leopolds in this way?

Wouldn’t you like to have a Day of Independence?

These years probably aren’t a coincidence – there’s a dialectic, the western ethos shifted with the hippies, all is one.

People don’t like to hear it, that the dialectic continues, that all isn’t one.

France, what’s going on there? I noticed there’s lots of light blue up on that map. Feel like you owe a debt today? You ever youtube “paris migrants”? Let’s just say it’s not my number one vacation choice. UK? Looks like you’re prominent on that map too. What’s that, only 45% of London is British? A debt to pay for the “insensitivity” of the past. Maybe those old europeans weren’t entirely wrong to not be “equalists”? “No, they were 100% wrong!” This is what I mean when I say that the west isn’t dialectical. Just admit that they were not entirely wrong to be “racist”, or else your countries are going to be destroyed. “Never. 100% wrong!” Mental debt slaves.

Say what you want, we’ve gradually helped them

Use your imagination here

If they used my standard, New York and California would be closer to 90% below a fifth grade level of literacy. Think I’m just being mean, I’m not.

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