Typing in “Congo” on z-library to see if I can find anything interesting about the place and this is from the description of the most popular book

At the heart of Africa is Congo, a country the size of Western Europe, bordering nine other nations, that since 1996 has been wracked by a brutal and unstaunchable war in which millions have died. And yet, despite its epic proportions, it has received little sustained media attention.

Had you ever heard about any of this?

We have a collective conscious, and we can “expect” that there were wars, right?

Our focus is directed toward MENA, for reasons that you might expect by now, although there is likely more inhuman chaos in subsaharan Africa. Isn’t that curious, how are focus can be directed?

“Everything’s fine in Africa, focus on X or Y country in the Middle East.”

Which translates to- “Focus on countries related to… ✡️”

Am I wrong?

That’s how we’re supposed to see the world. The want to be the “main characters” of history! “Please stop saying these things about the protagonists.”

Life’s a stage, we’re in the audience, and I’ve seen all sorts of flaws in this play of theirs that have effectively jarred me out of immersion in the experience. I’m just sitting here kind of restless and annoyed watching actors up there saying hackneyed lines, and you all seem to be captivated? I tried to walk out, they locked the doors, so what would you do in this situation, besides boo them? Booooo! You stink!

You can see Ivanka as one of the most profound symptoms of ZOG today. I visit her twitter and it’s always Israel Israel Israel. She’s doubtlessly a designed PR stunt of the Trump admin. “See? We love you Jews, we recognize that you rule over us! Please be nice to us.” He’d do it himself, and he knows that would be too blatant a schmoozing, so he has his blonde flesh rep do it for him. Seriously, if you want proof of how jewishcentric the American government is witness Ivanka’s activities. Everything is about convincing the Jews that they didn’t deserve the holocaust and the 109. If we have to put that much emphasis on them, I think we must be hiding something. It’s just too excessive, it’s obvious that the accuracy of the stereotype is being concealed.

How much more of this? Even from a humanitarian perspective, no one knows about the suffering of Africa, all of our focus is directed toward making sure life is good for Jews. Or sorry, let’s go with the exoteric interpretation- all our focus is on the Middle East. Sacrifice our own country, sacrifice most of the third-world, so greedy merchants and bankers can be happy – sounds good! Let’s not forget about the manipulative scribes of the media, let’s not forget about the decadent “artists” of hollywood either, we need to make sure that they know how grateful we are for their influence in society. For me, it all follows from misanthropy. There’s a reason that I hate people so much, and I deduce that it must be because the ones in charge of their brains failed at their duty. So no I’m not grateful for them, if they produced people like this who I can’t stand to be around.

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