Learning about a ritual they had in Sumer and Babylon called the breaking of the tablets where all debt was forgiven in order to restore harmony in society. That’s kind of what Jesus represents, everyone is forgiven. So that’s what Christmas represents in a way too. Or what it should represent, outside of the consumerist culture that has arisen. Maybe that’s part of why Jews hate it so much, because they want to keep us in debt forever. You can think of the trillions of the Fed that are owed as a symbol. That’s the meaning of anti white supremacy, it’s a growing debt that can never be paid. It’s also based on funny money too- how did you even get this money to loan? Created it out of thin air. How do you get this idea to put us into debt for being white? Created it out of thin air. No matter what I say people don’t understand that there’s no debt to owe. They love being indebted. They find meaning in life from paying a debt they don’t owe. Makes sense why it’s so easy to co-opt Christians, they love charity. They love forgiving others. Self-sacrifice. They can never be charitable toward themselves, forgive themselves. There’s nothing even to forgive. It’s all a made-up debt. Meanwhile we’re sacrificed and Jews and Jew-souled goys get rich off it. Thankfully, I’m not a Christian, so I don’t de facto forgive you for doing this. I’m not going to behold your manipulative actions through a charitable lens. After the events in the USSR alone, Jews owe Christians. And that’s not even to count the deterioration of society they’ve caused in the US. This Christmas in my mind, all are forgiven except for the false-debtors. They are in debt for imposing this invented debt on us. I’m happy to have been born a non-ape and a non-kike and all white people should be happy about that too, not guilty. There is no moral debt for us to pay. Merry Christmas, you are forgiven for thinking you ever needed to be forgiven for that. It wasn’t your fault for thinking that, it was the fault of the ones who’ve been exploiting capital from you and using it to fund institutions to convince you that you owe such a debt. They owe us, and I wish an anti merry Christmas to them, and I hope they burn in hell as we celebrate. Pay up with your suffering! The debt will hopefully be collected one day with your very lives.

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