For the new year I hope I discover a new way of thinking, either through some high octane entheogens, some obscure book I never heard of, or a strange person appearing in my life, maybe all those together. Whatever it takes. That’s the meaning of life, in my mind- furthering knowledge. We always feel like we’ve left no stones unturned, some people go through life never turning over any stones and believing they know everything. It’s the kind of people that you’re around that can best facilitate this sort of lifestyle of being like a child and asking “Why?” about everything. Bovine Americans are not good for that. They’re more apt to tell you “Because” to justify the beliefs they’ve never seriously questioned. Sorry that I’m a Nazi for having this attitude, that’s just a natural result of wondering “Why?” Maybe this time next year I won’t be a Nazi anymore. I already have a Jewess stopping by later tonight who said she’s going to be wearing a santa suit so we’ll see how persuasive she is. That’s what that Korean calls it, marrying into the aristocracy. I decided to fold. Not really, I’d be willing to sacrifice a lot to be able to talk with people who are neither on the goy-exoteric or goy-esoteric plane though. This is my christmas present to you, betraying all of you. Nah, maybe if I wanted a little criminal to do my bidding, that’s how I’d see a mischling, as a half-criminal, and they have their uses. For the sake of philosophy only goys are viable minds in our times. I really mean that, I don’t think I’m being biased. Jews protect their own too much to think clearly. Cladistic Christians have universalist genetics that tend toward thinking about the good overall. The Jews try to put in our minds that their idea of the good overall really is the good overall when in reality it’s just what’s good for Jews overall. Me, Netanyahu, and a Druze priest are planning on having a talk in the Golan Heights in January about this very subject. See, that’s the kind of conversation that would further knowledge, and it’ll never happen. The powers-that-be seek to restrict certain conversations. I have a big nose, I wonder if I could dress up Orthodox and try to ingratiate myself with the NYC Chabad. If I did that throughout 2021… It’s not like I disagree with them about “the animal problem”, they’d keep secrets from me though because they’d see me as an animal by blood (unless I was a master of disguise). If you want to know my theory, we can only learn from them about a more primordial type of Jew, and the secular kind has its origins there, and is now both more advanced in certain ways and also more unconscious. The poison of atheism they infect us with affects them too. We’re all living in YHWH-God-Allah’s world and each deity has its power- in order to defeat Allah, YHWH has to sacrifice God and His own chosen people for the greater good (in His mind). Sound schizo to you? Maybe you’re just too profane to understand. These sacred books were part of our evolution and they’re still with us in our personalities. I like NTZSCH because he seems to show me the core of Christianity, and I expect that the mysteries of Judaism could be shown to me by spying on the Chabad, not to mention Mossad. I just want to know, I just want to understand the lifeworld we find ourselves in. And they don’t want you to know. They want you to live in the one they impose on you, and further, to believe that you thought it up yourself. I see through all that, and I see through people who think that the person they are wasn’t imposed on them. It was, and the most perceptive people can’t see it either.

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