We live in an age of charity, and if you can’t understand that without illusion then you’re one of the animals that are given charity. They always tell you excuses for why they live in a white man’s society. “Because we’re niggers” – they’ll never say that. Thus, the norm now is charity to help the ones who have to live here have higher self-esteem. Women need to be taught the myth that they were oppressed, this is another form of charity. Jews, that they didn’t deserve the holocaust- charity. You’re always the jerk when you’re the one that says that’s enough charity. Some people will trade their own life to be a good Christian. That’s only on the surface virtuous. In reality you are only giving the green light to lobotomy. “It’s charity for us to deny that it’s lobotomy.” You admitted that for once? Coons and kikes would be living in the wilderness without whites. It’s only wishful thinking to believe that whites not existing would change that reality. Niggerbrain, kikebrain, no charity here. Want to give them charity? You probably will.

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