I think of all the ones who tell us that niggerbrain is good, and then I look at the state of Africa, and I wonder if everything they tell us is a lie.

I look at south america, and I wonder if all of these people migrating to America would be good overall, and I have to deduce that’s a lie.

They are intentionally making people stupid because they hate white men who call them kikes for good reasons.

You are a kike, I will shoot you in the head and murder every last one of you. They hate when you say that. It’s almost as if they’d put you in prison for saying that. Will you be put in prison for telling the banker shitstains ruling over you that you’d crush a cinderblock onto their skulls and have great enjoyment doing so? That is not a crime. It’s a crime to allow the pre-christian peoples who have no clue about morality to have access to our financial system at all. They use pre-christian immorality to gather capital so they can tell you Christianity never told them they’re immoral.

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