Saw this ad and thought of some of my readers

Maybe it is better to play by the rules in society, I envy normies today.

Reading earlier about the social credit score system in China, you are rewarded for not dissenting from the CCP’s ideology, and it’s the same here. Even leftists seem to live with an edge of anguish here, since the ideology you’re supposed to believe is an inversion of values. They try to make it work for themselves, and all they can do is try, because its lack of logic necessitates perpetual rationalization. “Mainstream leftism makes me happy – yes it does!” “Pariah rightism makes me happy – yes it does!” Don’t pretend you have the joy of an evangelical christian- if you find yourself here you’re disillusioned, disaffected. “I was feeling happy until I read this post.” The only people who are truly happy in our time are the ones who believe in the lies of the left and believe themselves to be emancipated from oppressors. Then there are those on the right who can’t do much besides watch this illusion-based narrative unfold, at their expense. And leftists who intuit what the right intuits and have to perpetually rationalize to themselves that they’re a girlboss or whatever. Yeah you’re the girlboss of participating in the system of rationalizations that make everyone miserable. “We’ll make it work someday, any day now.” When the last are first and the first are last, nothing ever changes in reality. The last are first and the experiential conditions of society reflect that. The dregs and objects are society are supposed to be looked to as the authorities on life, and what do you expect when that’s standard (if tacit) policy? Society really functions well when the last are first, huh? That’s the left’s entire point, to deliberately believe the opposite of what is right, so what can they expect from that? “It’s just like the ads on the screens that brainwashed me! Feminist multiculturalism makes me so happy. And there’s no day like Christmas that proves that to me when I reflect on my mood.” You could be happy today if only you’d listened to your betters, think about that. And I’d be happy myself if the population weren’t conditioned to be inherently rebellious against people who know better than they do. One year later it’ll probably be the same as today, the perpetual rationalization machine of the left will continue on going. “No it won’t, next year will be different, because reality will uhh change next year. The last will be first!” Didn’t you say that five years ago? Why are the last still last?

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