Article from 2016 – more precise division clarified among our greatest ally

I want to find who these people are

Of course, among some of the Alawites, mainly the intelligentsia, there is some discontent with the president.

It might be a division between the warriors and the priests – and the warriors seem to control the regime in place. Mustafa Tlas, who fled to France, seems to have a mixture of the two types. All we can do is vaguely speculate about these people, one of the few forces of opposition in the world, and the core of their beliefs and nature of their power-structures, one because they’re so secretive, and two because we can’t rely on our press to provide unbiased information about them.

Here is an article on the Chinese princelings that I found enlightening and couldn’t relocate until earlier today, if they’re more interesting to you. I like trying to understand the core of all of them, personally, east, middle east, and west. Newspaper headlines about different countries are only the surface of what is actually going on.

Thinking they’re all Muslims over there (which is what they want us to believe) would make this recent event seem more innocent for instance

Now we know that they bombed a people that celebrates Christmas.

Further that they’re not all illiterate camel-riders, as Saddam put it

the attack targeted the vicinity of a scientific research center in Masyaf

Another clue as to the formalism of Syria

Do you think there’s something like this with Kim and North Korea? It amazes me how easily they get us to focus on the Face of a given country. Seems like primitive political behavior most of us are guilty of.

Dugin talks about the fourth political theory. The Alawites seems to exemplify a fourth political reality. Can’t say that about many people in the world. Which makes it frustrating that it isn’t easy to find out much about them.

Have you ever heard their president speak?

It almost sounds like a French or Italian dialect, with some “ahks” thrown in. I saw a video of him the other day talking about how neoliberalism turns people into animals. The bourgeoisie of the west can post about something akin to that on social media, meanwhile not many actively kill people who try to oppose a regime that stands against it. All I can do is admire these Alawites. If kikes are bombing you on Christmas eve you must be doing something right. Bigbrains here think someone like Deleuze is a threat to the system

I celebrate Christmas in spirit with the Alawites today.

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