We’d have no idea about the cathedral, the cabal, and existing regimes opposed to them, as well as ones of the past, without the internet. Can never be thankful enough for this taken for granted technology.

I started reading this and it just reeks of shill

Be a minion for the regime, kill people, for a paycheck basically. Maybe I’ll get to it eventually, just to see an on-the-ground American’s side of the story.

Then I turn to yandex naturally and find Russian books of a similar genre

Obviously I want to hear an on-the-ground Alawite’s side of the story, it’s just that it isn’t so easy to find something like that! Even with the internet we really have no idea what’s going on over there. I’m sure CIA/mossad know well, and we can’t expect them to let us know much.

The more I do learn though, the more suspicious it gets – one of the things I do find on a Syrian engine is government websites, info about their schools, the latter of which I find humanizes them

Yeah now show me a dissertation from there on the cabal please.

I thought this title was interesting, kind of sheds light on Russia’s motivation for helping Syria

Even a white country like Russia we don’t know much about. Are they zogged, are they not, I have no idea, my perception changes every day it seems.

If you think about how we all were so easily duped about Saddam, ISIS, etc. I’m willing to get conspiratorial about certain things, such as the possibility that Russians were “allowed” to fight on the side of the Syrians as part of some kind of geopolitical trick. Because when you look at the type of media that they ban there, something doesn’t add up, especially in this context where the president of Syria has explicitly stated that it’s always been Israel behind the civil war destroying his country the last decade. In other words, Russia’s involvement on the side of Syria is lowkey an anti-Israeli action. Something doesn’t make sense here, all we can do is speculate for now. At least I’m not speculating about something as crazy as the following

“You want to know about the secrets of the Alawite religion?” See, there’s crazier stuff to wonder about, what I postulate is pretty mild.

Look at this book – who could possibly expect something like this to be objective from this establishmentarian

This is the kind of work we’d take to be authoritative if we didn’t have internet.

I really do expect our puppet culture to catch up to “internet awareness”, it’s inevitable, one already sees signs of it, they’re just subtle because they’re so gradual.

Without the internet the thought would never occur to us for instance that the Syrian regime is one of the very few remaining strongholds of Christendom in the world – a thought with profound significance on Christmas of all days. And yet, even with internet, due in part to the puppetization of the internet, most will still see the Alawites as the Antichrist because they’re enemies of the new Christ, the Jew. The Antichrist would trick you to see things like that, wouldn’t they. Without the internet their ideal plan probably would be to demonize the Alawites beyond any recognition, and eventually install a cooperative Sunni as leader of the Syrian regime that kowtows to Israel at every turn, such that you’d never even bother to try to understand the Alawites, believing instead that good prevailed over evil, that we created peace in the middle east. They want to be able to bomb the last remaining genuine Christians on Christmas eve without you asking any questions about it. Christ vs. the money-changers, the repeat of the crucifixion last night without any lessons learned from the heebs, that’s how I see it.

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