Start the day musing about anguish ahahaha I’m sure certain people don’t mind. I’m glad for people who are happy today, I’m just not one of them. I haven’t been one for years, this Christmas happens to be the most desacralized one I’ve ever had. You get that at all? Maybe because of COVID? Desacralization is all part of the Great Reset, they want all traditions to be meaningless so that they can create new ones that are less divisive. You’re going to have to go back to the drawing boards hate to tell you, because hopefully George Floyd is just a prototype of a new Jesus. You can do better than that. All the ones they try to force us to believe are numinous are so profane, and redolent of corporatism in one way or another. You wonder how people have been sainted throughout history- can you think of anyone worthy of being called a saint today? It’s like god has forsaken us. Some people like Schopenhauerian christmases, and I don’t even care if you like it or not. Sick of suffering on this day. It makes me wonder the meaning of justice, if justice actually exists. I ask myself what did I do wrong throughout the year to deserve to be alone on the day of “taking into accounts”, and I don’t think I did anything wrong. Maybe some people relate, maybe others have schadenfreude. If you’re happy today what did you do to deserve it? Be part of the machine? Probably. Today is always the day I realize most acutely how far from utopia we are. It’s supposed to be the best day of the year, and it’s the worst day of the year, at least for me. I just really question the existence of justice, and it forces me to agree with Kant that actions are ends in themselves, that I shouldn’t expect to have a good Christmas after a year of doing right. Jobian faith. I can understand why people follow the rules so they can have a normal life- call me sour, I’d just feel empty in that situation. All you have to do to have a normal life is to let the world burn and don’t say anything against it – deal? No deal from me. People who let the world burn are probably still having a bad Christmas, because guess what, the world is burned, people can’t be happy when the world is ash. I already told you how we can avoid this fate next year, and most never listen, and choose to live on this dead planet for another 365. The old order needs to be abandoned. People still cling to it because it gives them their livelihood, even if it doesn’t really make them happy. That’s your choice, and the rest of us have to live with you in ash world until you change and try to rebuild it into something better. The majority decides, we all have to suffer with them because they can’t give up the old order that they were taught. I’m going to hyperlink you to this post this time next year to mock you, hopefully I won’t be stupid enough to be around talking to hopeless people at that time. They want to create a world where the idiots are respected, I’m not going to be part of that, no matter how this day always turns out for me, and if you’ve decided to bring this type of world about yourself throughout the year you’re an idiot yourself, merry christmas.

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