Maybe in 2040 some will understand the ideas I describe. I see what they impose as similar to an “enforced friendship”. Imagine if the government made you be around people you hated. It’s the same idea with them telling me I need to find a subsaharan African booty and pretend I’m happy with that. You can tell yourself you’re happy with peanut brains, are you really happy? The informal government wants us to tell the public, “Yes, I am happy with 80IQ people being my best friends”. I’m not even happy with 130IQ people, I don’t care how big their tits are either, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. That seems like the definition of hell actually, having to talk with an 80IQer for more than a few minutes. I guess, if I wanted to help them? That’s different from someone I want to be friends with. The white niggers are going, You should want to be friends with us! Nah. They try to create this idea of relativism so you don’t judge the way people talk. You live on the material plane, nothing you say matters, 90 something IQ that China laughs at. “We deserve respect.” Alright, get it somewhere else, you won’t get that from me. “I’m an adult and it would probably be good for me to sit through a special ed class.” Yes, you’re right. Capital isn’t forcing me to have friends who speak and make me want to be a recluse, why do you let them do that to you? When will a prog say directly “I like watching basketball”? They won’t, they live in the moment, because nothing really matters to them. My best friend is a mudbrain, that defines a best friend!

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