Remember, black people aren’t turds with eyeballs, remember that Jews aren’t greedy vermin who don’t want you to exist, because you need to tell yourself lies in this world to survive. Women who spent the last ten years losing their value have lots of value! Make sure to tell yourself that. You can definitely have a real connection with them. And you should always trust Jews when they talk, because they only want what’s good for you, not them, keep that in mind. Yeah I can really see myself lasting with some dumpsterslut, it’s the love of my life waiting to happen. My best friend is also some brown turd with eyeballs, are the globalists happy now? “You actually have to mean it when you say it, you can’t be sarcastic.” I think kikes who want to destroy society shouldn’t be murdered on the spot, I can see myself spending my life with a smelly dumpsterslut, and turds with eyeballs should increase in population for the betterment of the country, how’s that?

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