I try to trace the origin of morality, and people don’t like when you tell them what seems really obvious about the origins of contemporary morality, that it’s an “ethics of exile”. One would think that there would be more concern about this given that it results in the opposite of ethics. Want to live in a society without ethics? Not surprisingly, many will answer “Yes”. If you are someone who deserves to be exiled, you won’t be exiled. Only if you condemn the exile ethics will you be exiled. This isn’t sustainable- a society of people who should be exiled from society. All the vices that caused those hundred times those Portuguese were kicked out of countries are in our country now, able to flourish without question. We’re living among people who should be exiled and are not. They’ve made it what counts as “good” to be people who should be exiled. Only the ones who oppose them should be exiled, those are the “bad” ones. This is morality in our times. It isn’t morality, it’s the opposite of morality, and that’s why they’re so much despair, quiet or otherwise, because when you live in an immoral society of people who should be exiled, that’s what you can expect, mental, emotional states that aren’t optimal. There’s a simple reason there’s been morality throughout history, it’s because it’s made people happier, people are happier with the order that only morality can bring about. “I might be one of those people that could be kicked out, therefore I support the ethics of exile of this regime.” Yeah you do that because you’re an immoral person. Further evidence you should be kicked out.

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