Just another day of trying to translate the magic words in order to find weird books that might be included in an Antiversity library of the future.

Found a Russian take on the history of the Mossad, by an Arabist who’s spent time in Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel. This is the first time I’ve seen this concept

engaged in journalistic investigation of operations carried out by Israeli special services against Arab countries, as well as operations carried out by the secret services of Arab states against Israel.

Usually I find Mossad-centric books.

Here’s his other book

My self-understanding is that I’m tracking criminals who don’t deserve a State.

I found this writer from this list, many to yandex.

That there are so few people with my interests is only proof of their criminality. It’s a mind-parasite that gets people distracted focusing on other things not relating to them. Keep gossiping about nothing though, I know you have a condition.

Just discovered that there’s a .ru version of z-library. Looks like that Kapitonov is prominent for the genre in question. Then lots of occurrences of Ostrovsky, who everyone knows in English.

Libraries like the kind I have in mind don’t fall out of the sky, we have to do lots of digging. Wouldn’t you like to be some 16 year old kid living in the 2040s being able to walk into a bookstore with all kinds of books like the kind I link to? Someone has to do the dirty work for that. Save the brats lots of time. I wish someone did that for me as a kid.

I tried OCRing this one again in a couple different ways, the Israel Lobby in France, and to no avail – both an English and French version being available would be convenient, dunno of another book of its specific genre

Knowing how the mind-controllers operate is first-nature for the MENA peoples, we want that for the Euro peoples as well. Unless you want to give up and live in an open-air lobotomy ward? Oh, you do? I kind of noticed that. Retard.

“Holidays are awful when you’re the way you are.” Price I’m willing to pay to help normalize this stuff.

Yess, another KGB book on the Mossad

Ideally I’d be looking for books on the secret activities of the American shadow government. That’s classified. This is next best.

Classified, or worse. This book is suggested at the end of the first page of the one above

Lukimson says there’s even less extant material on an agency similar to the Mossad, the Shabak, I’ll look for that next. There’s lots to still yandex on that page I linked to also. A thoughtcrime library, it’s in the works.

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