You wouldn’t have thought of this, right? A country invisible to us

The turn of the dialectic. Thinking that Syria and Egypt might have some dirt on Israel, the next thought is wondering about countries close to us- the intel agencies of Mexico and Canada. Instinctively, I expect Canada to be a US satellite that won’t be able to help at all. Canadians are going “We’re not the same as you, we’re so much nicer than you.” Why isn’t your country crawling with mudpeople yet then? Better to get to work on that. Then we have Mexico, where we’ve seen how non-Latino plutocrats run things there, so I’m not too hopeful. Probably worth investigating though. If I were the head of Mexican intel I’d want to know all about the superpower next door, wouldn’t you? Then again, if I was bribed by banks and industrialists maybe not. I wonder how closely the cartel lords work with the intel agencies – “one and the same” LOL.

I find some sparse info on Mexico’s in this book. When I looked for info (intel) on Iran’s I also found this book.

Various agencies across the world are detailed in that. I hate being a pleb who doesn’t have access to all their documents (which the CIA probably has to some degree). You can only philosophize with natural reason so far- you need the data to work with. I try to make due with what I can find, and (FRS-KGB) Yandex tends to be more helpful than google.

If I had to intuit, Mexico’s are probably too preoccupied with their drug wars to put too much effort on spying on us unfortunately. If they had more stability it might be the ideal place to look. That makes me wonder.. what about Cuba’s? We’ve had an embargo on them for 60 years, they must not just accept that sitting down? They must hate our guts and want revenge? I wonder if they have their own voluminous genre of anti-American literature – they must. I feel like I’m astral traveling to other countries to find psychic missiles to fire at the US. People here love to be outspoken supporters of the Great Satan, I don’t get it. Equalist levelers, materialists, that’s you.

Anyway, Yandex is perfect for Cuba’s

Speaking of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, how about the 1959 Cuban Revolution right off the coast of Florida?? Whether it’s Islam or Marxism, not exactly ideal in my book, an enemy of my enemy however is my friend. Cuban Goodreads site somewhere? In these so-called “tyrannical” regimes is where it seems most possible to find the most “outsider” perspectives. All they have to do is not criticize their own government, and instead criticize ours- we can use that brainpower, which in a select few countries seems like it would be institutional, professional-caste level.

Then, it looks like they obtained certain “lists” through this “method”

Feel braindead now after seeing that? Feel like handing over a list now, anon?

Seems the Cubans have used different forms of “hypnotics” for their intel agencies

Need to think of some magic words in this direction

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