I hope there’s a civil war partly so that in the aftermath I can find like-minded individuals to talk with. I have no idea who’s been reading my writings. Seems after lots of bloodshed no one would mind admitting that they liked all my talk of murder and all that. For my screenplay. Besides that, I think this “experiment” has filtered out all the barnyard animals with unfortunate reincarnations, and without the internet this couldn’t have been possible, and I wish could learn who understands things the way I do without needing to emotionally react with revenge. Not many I’ve detected. It’s an experiment in esotericism. The barnyard animals were never meant to read what I talk about. And it doesn’t matter if they hear it, they’re condemned to be what they are. I’m glad I’ve made it a question of life and death through my occasional rhetoric of violence, because that really brings to the surface what people really believe at the end of the day. And most are destined to be enslaved, probably in the next life as well, if they ever do have children. What I’ve learned is the permanence of exotericism in this supposed age of equal enlightenment. Even with people who seem to have stratospheric IQ there’s something that keeps them chained to the animal dimension. Neurophysiologically geared to be cogs of the state, is my guess, i.e. they evolved to only subordinate their genius to the regime in place. So yeah it’s been fun. Still part of me expects the barnyard animals to be able to understand, just goes to show I still believe in the illusions of the enlightenment age myself to some degree, the possibility of salvation for all souls. I honestly believe that some kind of clockwork orange type of brainwash might help them- just sitting around with mainstream garbage and the mutual-reinforcement of their social media mothbrain friends isn’t going to have any advantage toward attaining the type of freedom I speak of. Born an animal, die an animal – one of the other central truths of esotericism they can only moo at. More like a controlled monkey screech if we were being precise.

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