For someone who loves the Germans so much I’m surprised I haven’t spent much time on their internet yet. That would be my first exit option if it weren’t for the postwar conditions there, the promethean punishment. The Prometheans have to hop around from place to place. “You challenged the gods? Very good, now you have to suffer, where next for us?”

What I look for is someone with Nietzsche’s spirit who’s alive obviously. So many potential ones like him probably died young in the world wars. And then they have to be raised in the psychological torture of zog-germany, so I wonder if any made it out?

That’s why I was trying to OCR that Israel Lobby of France book earlier too, because I see a nauseating squandering of premium genetic stock. Not like I don’t have anything to say against the French either, it seems every other day I have the thought “They should have just burned Sade…”

Anyway, Germany is another one of those countries that is “invisible” to me because it’s so obvious. I wonder what kind of rares I can find from there about my favorites

Talk about the social credit system of China, where if you owe a debt, when someone calls your phone the first thing they hear is an automated voice saying “This is a dishonest person!” it’s probably like that in Germany in subtler ways. How would you like to be the devil country of the world? Not a place where “free spirits” will flourish.

Sounds nice, kill people then go travel everywhere

Gonna imprison me for saying what everyone is thinking? They’ve managed to make our populace so numb that a chimpout will probably never happen, so nothing to worry about anyway.

Speaking of that, here’s one from

You don’t say?

 He certainly admits that in Jünger’s early work there are “depressing parallels to right-wing extremist literature of this epoch”

This seems typical so far on .de, to regard anything not hyper-leftist as “depressing”. Poor krauts, if they could intuit as well as the Germans what defeat would lead to, other Europeans would’ve helped them rather than fought them. And here we are, it’s a paradise.

Can’t beat that endorsement

Many want to make excuses that the process of nihilism isn’t connected with jewish control – it seems self-evident that it is.

I saw a tweet maybe a month ago, something about how we don’t yet know the effects of social media on us, seeing what people are really like, that it couldn’t be too healthy to know who people really are, and I have to agree- the amount of nihilists I’ve seen over the years almost makes me regret that the internet was ever invented. I don’t want to see who you are, seeing a rotted soul like that, at least they’re better at hiding it in real life. There’s no human there to murder, you’re already dead, all you are is a corpse that counts as a vote, I don’t want my life determined by festering corpses. Something the Germans would probably tell you if people like you didn’t literally turn them to corpses. “Make sure no real humans are around to judge us” – and that attitude continues to this day.

Anyway, thanks for leading me to lose most of my faith in humanity. For now just looking through the german internet, maybe some genealogists from there that americans wouldn’t want to translate to english?

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