Here is Svalbard airport – what would you miss least about the US if you landed here?

My first thought is debt that they try to impose on me that I don’t owe them. They want me to believe that I should recognize certain subspecies of human as equals, and I simply can’t do that. They try to put this burden on us so we recognize them. I won’t. All these different people they want us to make some kind of agreement with, I’d rather murder, because they’re immoral beings who only parasitize on whites. Can you think of any in particular? You’re indebted to pay Jews for all the wrong you’ve done them throughout history! Same with jungle apes. If I went to a new country that would be on my mind as my favorite thing to think of as American nonsense. We don’t owe you anything because you had habits throughout generations that led you to be parasites in white countries. It’s not our fault you’re niggers. Listening, Irish? What a list it is. All the niggers of the world, I somehow feel responsible for, and many who think of themselves as white have to live the same way. It doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t owe any of these disgusting niggers debt, I’d rather murder them, and in fact I’ve been trying to form a militia to do just that, because their lives don’t matter to me. What globalists want is for people to exist in the future whose lives don’t matter. That’s the esoteric meaning of BLM. Your life matters? So why do all the people like you live in huts without white people, and why do you exist now only through parasitism on those same people? You’re niggers, if you were killed nothing would be lost. Same with the subspecies that relies on “jewing” people, I wonder who those are? They try to put a burden of debt on us, and I’m done paying it, you’re niggers, I’ll fucking shoot you. That’s the best attitude to have, and everyone who isn’t a nigger knows it. Are you reading this as a nigger? So I expect you to disagree, dirt. Prove you aren’t dirt for once. Ah you can’t, thus you must be a nigger. “You only exist to make niggers, kikes, and whores feel better!” Nah, I’d rather live in uninhabitable regions of the world than pretend that debt isn’t fabricated from nothing. “You need to show us that niggers are humans!! Or else!” Nah, you’re probably a kike who is a nigger too, thanks for trying though. So, when are we shooting all these people? I don’t want to move to the frosty north, I’d prefer if we just took care of the problem here. They won’t even allow discussion about whether we “owe” this debt. The reality is that kikes and niggers owe us the debt of living in a place that isn’t a ghetto. How pathetic you are, look at you living here. Can’t you make your own society, or are you subhumans? The answer is obvious. Dirt instead of souls, your deaths will not matter at all.

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