That time Aryans decided to stage a coup, I remember that. Something about people with blonde hair and blue eyes knowing what is best for the world population. Who would ever say they represent them against the bankers who only control the world through immoral means? Bankers are great people, didn’t you learn that as a child? The ones who seek to cause chaos in places where Aryans are need to be respected because banks and merchants lives matter. I’d feel so bad if a jew was shot in the head because of me, if ten million of them were, I’d feel so bad.

Various ideas white people can’t say because immoral hebrews never learned from Christ. You can be one of those hebrews who only can justify their idea of truth that is funded by being an eternal merchant. And jews and their minions can never reply directly to this statement because they are one with the merchants and bankers, how sad, how weak, want to make more excuses, you sell-out? Tell me about how you sold your soul.

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