That time they tried for four years to ban and hide the fact that we were calling them niggers, kikes, whores, and cowards. Amazing what you can do with sad bankers who hate themselves. “We’ll make sure all that criticism is never spoken, because we can’t take a joke.” We know you can’t, do you want to tell us how pathetic your method of censorship is now? No, because you’re one of those subhumans we laugh at, and of course you want to prevent people from knowing about that.

How many years now!

“We use our ill-gotten money so no one questions us.” Okay kike, so how do you respond now?

“Uh uh ad hominem. We don’t need a response, only censorship.” Have you ever studied your history? Typical kike.

“We’ll show you by directly responding!” Alright, I’m waiting for you to respond directly.. and you never do.. so the conclusion is you’re a kike who can’t respond, prove me wrong (you can’t). Try though, good luck. There’s a reason you haven’t yet. “Is it because my attempt would only demonstrate how much of a kike I really am?” You guessed it. Go ahead and try anyway. You seriously have no direct response. You’re a subhuman.

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