I stopped watching that Vikings show after they killed off [spoiler], and now that I’m reading the descriptions of the subsequent seasons they don’t look so bad, and the finale is being released in a few days. Post here, or watch the show, post here or watch the show

This looks like it might be good

The season focuses on King Bjorn’s reign over Kattegat, Ivar’s adventures in Rus’, and Ubbe’s expedition to Iceland.

Walk through snow for miles talking about the nature of the gods…

Talking about the enemy god as well

Trying to find a history of Talmud reception that isn’t deceptive.

I feel so bad for the Russians

“Tob shebe – goyim harog.” “The best of the goyim (non-Jews) must be killed.”

“Exploit the worst instincts of the peasants to kill the best ones of their country.” – and they did. And they’re working on us now.

No one talks about how most of the best minds are squandered by putting them through Harvard, Yale, the other “elite” brainwash factories. This is how they’ve already eliminated the best.

I wonder if this russkie is exaggerating at all

So far no..

Looks like my local library only has selected excerpts.

Online version

Is there something about this name you don’t trust?

It was an Epstein who was one of the non-chinese closest affiliates of Mao too, coincidentally or not. I wonder what the CCP thinks about the Talmud. I’d only trust a Nazi to translate it.

Interesting the first book listed on Alfred Rosenberg’s wikipedia page (the German one has hyperlinks to pdfs)

Anyway, if you get the impression I stopped caring, you’re right. I’ve seen too many signs that goys are hopeless, I wander in the snow alone.

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