I wonder how true this is – this text should be of conspicuous interest to the hermeneuticists of the globe certainly?

I’ve heard of a couple Asian translations, this one is 381 pages – unedited I’ve seen it’s upwards of 10,000 pages

If the Fed, as well as the C I oyvey, has a presence in countless countries on earth, it seems like it would follow that there would be translations of this text in the respective languages. Unless people are blind? Probably the case.

Note the date

A trustable translator?

Steinsaltz worked on it for 45 years. Scrutinizing all this isn’t going to be an “overnight project”. Many such cases.

Remember how the sacred texts of the Druze are color-coded? I’m expecting something similar here. The difference is that one people wields hegemonic political power. For instance, there’s no punctuation in the original Talmud, so one doesn’t know where one argument begins or ends unless one is an erudite rabbi. Is Steinsaltz’ version deliberately exoteric? I.e. does the Chabad have a special way of interpreting it that the goyim and normie-jews are restricted from? I probably wouldn’t be asking these questions if it weren’t for the “reckless immoderation” of the Jew Strauss. And it was certain passages of the recklessly immoderate German Nietzsche that he wrote entire books on. This is a history of secrecy that is only beginning to be understood. I doubt anyone can understand contemporary “capitalism” without knowing the origins of certain attitudes in this text.

Somewhere for the fanatical genealogists to start

The native language of Jesus of all people. “Who’s that, I think I’ve heard that name before.”

Weird if true

Sailin muh viking ship around to figure out the UR-religion in the name of my god of war.

It’s quite the mystery that as rich as the Jews are they are in the process of creating a new country for themselves, isn’t it? Why do Europeans and MENA have their own countries already? Ask that question somewhere like Cairo and you might not like the answer if you’re used to only consuming American media. If the “NSA” wasn’t listening how would you respond to those questions? Or are you the NSA yourself? It’s only answering those questions honestly that we can begin to understand why the corporate press so demonized someone who wanted to stop the cartels from encroaching on our country, and focus on the betterment of this place rather than a place overseas. Seems like a shady scheme if you ask me. And I only expect the people responsible for it to have more power in the future. This strange text in question here can help us understand all this.

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