This is a great idea

Not either something like google translate or a human translator, rather both. They have a hundred humans working on the project.

From their site – could’ve picked better word-choice here I have to say

DO THIS FOR PLATO’S TEXTS! Yeah right, maybe if he had written a dialogue on controlling the banking system. Obviously he was blind to that type of Gnosis, the most important one in this sublunar world at the end of the day.

This is its own type of promethean punishment

Imagine Aristotle needing to be a debt-slave. “That’s what you get!” Why does Mammon control the world whyyyy. Answer- because most are happy being minions of the Demiurge.

Farrell begins one of his books with a Shelley poem

Beautiful. Why didn’t anyone ever write a poem about how to control world finance – ah right, that’s the Talmud AHAHAHA

I started the day reading about that frost-hell Svalbard, seems like an ideal place to prepare before you live on the moon. The Talmud is going to be the founding text off-earth too at this rate. We’re born in a world where a war between divinities has been taking place for thousands of years.

We have three options that I can see. A messiah. A military coup. Mining meteorites on the moon. It could be all of them together too. Using the capital extracted from the moon to create universities that will facilitate the emergence of a postpostmodern Aquinas who orchestrates a military coup. Do you have a better idea? Submit to ZOG, that’s the option 99.9% of people choose. Anything that could challenge Mammon appears to people as a deus ex machina, i.e. dramatic fiction. Do you not believe in a deus absconditus? A hierophany? God intervening in the world? I do. Humans as insignificant as they are can help facilitate that happening, and most instead decide to be minions of the Demiurge.

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