You can’t tell me this isn’t one of the most suspicious things in the world

How many years too late?

Symptoms from another post

If this doesn’t count as a pressing concern of “esotericism” broadly I don’t know what does

I’m wondering if “GOI” features in that recent Steinsaltz translation at all.

Seems like the place to start for hacking their crypto theology – גויים

Imagine a Russian peasant trying to figure this all out without internet, or most from the 109 for that matter

“They smile when we’re making a deal, they use nice words- I wonder what they really think about us?”

Google isn’t helping at all. Seems important, knowing what they have traditionally thought of us, the ones who control “our” banks, screens, and ETHOS. People who control our ethos I sure would hope wouldn’t hate us with every fiber of their being. I wonder what life would be like if that were the case? Exhibit A, the US. They present themselves as the arbiters of morality, when the reality seems overwhelmingly as if they are moved by a primal will to eradication at their core. Examine how the majority of mainstream outlets portray white people and tell me that isn’t obvious. It’s not something they can help- Talmudism is something they’ve inherited. That doesn’t mean we should forgive them for it. “Christian forgiveness is something we inherited though!” And that’s where we are. Any goy who denies the significance of the JQ is merely just a Christian beyond ways they have any control over, and I don’t forgive them for that either. Because I’ve reprogrammed myself to be autonomous above those superstitions, and for the sake of the world, goys and jews alike should try to do the same. 李,你学过阿拉姆语吗?

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