A chosen asks if the “nationalist bastards” are right that the Talmud isn’t in the public domain, here’s the response

Pilpul at its most basic. The concealment of the concealment is ideal for them though, so it’s good for us that he indirectly answered the question that it is not in the public domain. This is from 2007 by the way.

The secret meaning of this is that it would harm the Jews if it were all known, not the goys.

“Why harm Jews?”

This makes me reflect on how I’ve probably put philosophy professors on a pedestal in the past. I doubt they tend to have “cynical” thoughts like this, too pedantic. At best they probably learn to “forget” these questions early on to ensure their place in the institutional chimp rangordnung.

Further secret meaning- It’s harmful for goys to harm Jews because harming Jews will harm goys, and harming Jews is the result of studying their esoteric books.

Just one honest course on “Socratics vs. Rabbis” and your career is over. You harm them, they harm you. And questioning them at all is harming them.

Sometimes I mourn not being an academic and then realize it’s just my fate, because most other questions seem trivial next to these ones, I couldn’t do it. Any philosophy you learn in the university is thus a form of “gossip”. “That’s some hubris to say that.” If you can’t discuss political matters of the most high, you’re a gossiping schoolgirl. I don’t care if you’re “distinguished”, have tenure, that just makes it worse, that you can’t throw your weight into the fight. “It’s harmful to do anything besides gossip like a schoolgirl” – that’s the basic message they want people to believe. They don’t want you to be a true citizen who offers your reasoned opinion to the discourse, they want you to exclusively remain on the plane of political trivialities 100% of the time or else. Or else they’ll harm you. There’s always that subconscious threat that follows everyone around in our regime – say such and such and you will be harmed. They don’t care about goys being harmed, that’s rabbinical duplicity, they only care about themselves being harmed, and if that happens they’ll harm you. All the while they’re covering for their parasitism on our culture. In other words, they’ll really harm you if you point out how they’re harming the culture. Tell them that they’re a slimy leech that should be burned off and they’ll burn your house down in one way or another. Even though it’s true that they’re harmful parasites. They don’t care. All they care about is continuing to be parasites. I swear I have at least 1000 pages now I’ve written that they can’t respond to, even a single one of them, because it would jeopardize their scheme. That’s how weak they are, just general dialectics they can’t participate in. If anything it just motivates them to push for race-mixing so there aren’t white people like me to question them. Seriously, I’ve seen this so many times. They know in their reptile brain, and they want to make us stupid. Kind of like those cows that have flies all over them and don’t bother trying to roll over or anything to crush them, and just let them live on them. That’s the ideal goy for them. That matches the description of most of the ones I’ve seen too, so their work is almost done. How many people have gotten “mad” at me for saying it’s not good to be a cow covered in flies? Your mind is really admirable.

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