A time I saw the corporate-rabble say anything against the system that imprisons them, I’ve never seen that. Here’s a few paragraphs of why you are not one of these system people. Not. You can never say why you are against them, living in a coward dimension.

“let me show you how”

You can’t do that worthless coward.

“I made a post about ad hominem without reasoning.”

So, do you have a response then, or are you just a nigger?

Genuine question. I’m trying to determine who is a nigger, and many people seem that way in their soul, so the question of who has a soul is very important to me.

“How could I ever know what that is about?”

The people in charge of things hate science and philosophy, they only want to create a society where “fetishistic capitalism” happens. They like the idea of not being a peasant to they take the debt the Jew offers and they are their slave. I try to follow you and be your friend, and you are not in a place that is easy to help, and despite that I will say you are someone worth something, despite how I wonder if you’re an ideal woman who is smart and also possibly a good mother. Why do people hate me for wondering that, you tell me. From a priest’s point of view, if “banker” was made as the satanic signifier we would be happy pretty soon. Priests need to exaggerate and yet tell you the truth that they think is closest to absolute truth, if you “bankers” were declared as the enemy, the revolution would occur more rapidly. And I’m talking to women and peasants who never said anything worth saying, I wonder what questions I’d ask you. “Why wasn’t I allowed to talk to you about the Talmud?” – Any of you sad jews could answer about this, and I bet you can’t. Change my mind. Or say “We are living in a totalitarian society and I want to believe in God instead of the lies.” Are you able to do that? The institutions are so happy you decided to be part of the retard club.

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