Time to use Baidu to look up one of my favorite denigrating terms

This is where one Chinaman traces the origin of you fools

In the French upper class society that was full of food and doing nothing in the 18th century

Say something that isn’t obvious though

This gets the noggin joggin

The real virus is BLM, and if the Chinese had put more funding into that than Soros I wouldn’t be surprised. Everything the left does is good for China, and realizing that doesn’t give the Baizuos pause at all.

Demiurge awareness plane

Also points out that our ruling caste is already itself second-class – and that the resulting populace is expected.

These are just forum gooks though, I’m looking for scholarly books on these cretins of my country. Sit down and watch a game of basketball yet, white nigger? Haha I bet not, because you’re a hypocrite too. Can’t wait for the day I throw you screaming into a pit of starved pigs.

As always, I’m looking for a university department that studies contemporary anthropology of America.

I had some dumplings last night actually, they were really good. I need to find a course on Chinese history on the web somewhere. Because the US is doomed, it’s crystal clear.

The greatcourses site only has drab selections. Lots of good stuff on the Greeks though at least. I wonder if there’s a niche for non-Baizuos over there who understand the noble moments of the west before the decline. Remember that one Chinaman who mentioned “the extremely sickening culture of Vietnam” where all the criminals were forced? Baizuos would want to invite all of them into China. “Here’s citizenship for you!” Importing Baizuo would be just as bad, just as extremely sickening. And yet, these are the people we live with in our own country.

Poor Chinese girl

There does seem to be an amnesia among the Baizuo. Do you remember? “I’ve always thought like this.” Right. Try to remember.

Whatever it was, this is what it’s leading to now, this is what you are leading to now

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