Slowly figuring out how to connect with friends we haven’t met yet

Sina Blog is the most popular site there – 新浪博客

The characters for princeling – 太子党

Put the two together on Baidu – nada.

Put them together on google and, lots of results.

Grrr… I click them and get a page that says this

What does that mean! This one I just clicked has 29 million visits. How many dissidents really are there in China?

Finally found one that doesn’t give that “encrypted” message

He says that Chairman Xi wouldn’t want the outside world seeing this picture

laughing evilly, we might be on to something here, in terms of hacking the Chinese internet.


I opened the original data of the “Princeling Party Network” compiled in recent years to GitHub , For future multi-person collaboration. 

Ok this is crazy. I’m obviously wondering now if they have an American version

So much to click

I wonder what’s on those encrypted pages?? This is more than enough for now. So many possibilities it looks like for magical chinese characters typed into google.

This is from the same “freelance writer” – see how we can apply this to our own country?

Can’t wait to find what Chinese VPN users have to say about our side of the world.

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