Where to even start with this radioactive rat – why have I never seen an American version of this?

He’s put together a collection of ebooks

This is the closest thing to a Chinese Moldbug I’m aware of – a cause for celebration

This guy seems like a pro


I always knew I would find someone from China like this!

Everyday you think you have every connection covered, then you find a new one

Why does he have to be named THIS out of all things?

Whoa… it looks like his version of the “cathedral” is 朝廷 – “court”

253 replies to this post I’m drawing from. Underground dissidents, the first batch I’ve found from this second world superpower.

So much to click with this guy. About 700 posts.

On the princelings though, here’s a screenshot from one of the 14 files on them

Looks like the Chinese are ahead of us in this way too

Maybe we’ll have to copy them for a change and do the same with the “treasured” clans here.

Yeah, this guy is easily “the” Chinaman. Another random link I click – he knows all about the Court.

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