He gets right to the basics

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an adult asking other adults “Want to learn how to read a book?” “You think I don’t know that?” Not so sure. He’s got a point though regarding books/rangordnung, and it explains why the US is rife with simpletons. People who use simpler mediums turn out to be, you guessed it, simpler people. “Reading 10,000 tweets is equivalent to reading a book.” Say that again and I’ll teabag you. Never mind, I bet certain people–particularly Jewesses–would like that. Do you have a “Syndrome” you aren’t eager to tell your family about?

Only in your fantasies.

I digress- back to the conceited princelings of China who think they have life all figured out and try to impose their poorly thought out beliefs on everyone else

I was thinking I’ll have to keep googling to find the Moldbug over there- maybe this is him?

The frogs might like to see such a person’s interpretation of Trump vs. Biden. Especially given all the evidence of the latter’s connections with China, we might find this Chinaman’s specialty on the princelings of value in the future. 626 replies too, who knows what they might contribute to the discussion or link to as well. A non-court, non-cathedral writer, that’s rare to find. Someone like this is unspeakably important, for more reasons than one

He’s been writing for 12 years so maybe others in China have developed his thoughts further? Every citizen of the globe should be able to see things from the perspectives of the ruling-castes of both world superpowers, and beyond them. Moldbug and this writer are steps toward that understanding.

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