Symptom from 2014

And blogs that dare to speak up like bloggers are about zero in the country, and very few outside the wall.

The wall in question

While this writer isn’t of the calibre of that South Korean (which might say something about Asian subspecies) he has the most thorough understanding of the CCP I’m aware of.

Some estimate that 30% of Chinese use a VPN. Most of them probably aren’t using it to learn about their government – here are global statistics

50% say they use a VPN for access to better entertainment content. 34% say it’s to access social networks and news services. 31% say it’s to browse anonymously

Google, facebook, imagine a Chinese person sneaking on twitter with a VPN and feeling like a criminal. 30% of 30% of 1.4 billion is 126 million so that’s still potentially a lot of people. Maybe there are other freespirits who escaped the CCP cage through reading Chuangtzu alone, without the need of internet. There are over 200 replies to the writer in question’s most recent post, so that’s one sign, and it’s not a good sign given the population of 1.4 billion. My first though about this is from a national security perspective- they keep lots of people ignorant and could throw them at us in a war like it’s nothing. With diversity requirements and affirmative action in our military I can’t say I look forward to how that would go. The normalization of Harris will have negative psychological effects on culture as well. Good effects for the wretched ones (self-esteem/empowerment), bad effects for the country overall. Unless you think being #2 to China is a good effect? Trudging through mud does have a tendency to slow one down, or do you disagree? I expect entertainment in general to gradually be more geared toward the tastes of the ghetto, so that the dregs of society feel more at home. The mainstream will descend, and some clouds will remain. There’s a tendency to dissipate the clouds as well- you will be shamed if you remain a cloud. We already see this now obviously, it’s just going to get worse. Girlbosses on perpetual PMS with impunity, get fired if you treat them as the subordinates that they are in reality. People will eventually forget that we ever didn’t speak ebonics. All the while the teeming people in the streets will be tanner and tanner, they’ll condition us to perceive the sickly jaundice color of mulatto-mestizos as a sign of beauty and charm. Higher education will exist only in name, people will have PhDs for sitting through special ed classes. Something like that area of southern Brazil where most of the whites are gathered might result in a flyover state. Do you look forward to that? That’s the telos of most forms of leftism. And people who don’t address the JQ might as well be liberals, so thanks for that. The future shtetl-ghetto-favela is on you.

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