In the replies to this recent post of his there is patently obvious fed behavior on the part of the chink government. Feds here are subtler at least. These ones are telling him explicitly that all of his family is going to be killed, and anyone who visits the site’s family as well. Not too different here- “If your family is affiliated with nazifascistbluhbluh like you their reputation will be in shambles!” Xi’s clique and all their offshore accounts is all I can think of. Challenge us and we’ll kill your family, because we don’t want to lose the money we didn’t even deserve in the first place. Formalism of East and West is that both are controlled by criminal groups. The fact that they wear suits is a psyop, they’re just lowly criminals who bought suits. “Guess what? If you question our criminal scheme we’ll ruin you and your family.” – this is a real form of mind-control no one talks about. Ever heard of the Sicilian mafia? I’ll stab you in the guts and lick my hands as I walk away listening to you groan and gasp for air. That’s all my writings have ever been, whatever I can do in this environment to avoid prison, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Just scroll through those replies from that link, are the chink feds sending their best? Sounds really desperate like they’re trying to hide the princelings’ web of connections. A historiography of the Mao era has yet to be written. Were the best Chinese people killed, out of envy and resentment? And now some of those dirty peasants have all their money? And that’s what we call the CCP. I’d love for people like that to take over the world, eh? This recent writer is just another slit of the throat of the international cabal – I’m sure the pseudo-elites are in cahoots with the ones over there too, they see eye to eye on being human dirt that should be murdered for the good of humanity.

Remember, I’m just writing a screenplay, none of this is reality, keep in mind! All their decapitated heads lined up on a shelf with their eyes open, in a special reading room of mine.

People seriously miss out on so much fun not being afraid of these subhumans. Threaten to kill everyone’s family for questioning them and no one does anything about it, guess what I’ll murder you. In ways that won’t send me to prison for now, and I’m sure pretty soon even that might happen. Pull out your jugular and strangle you with it while you’re still alive. That’s what all of the world wants of your clique if they weren’t afraid to say it. So I hope you are able to make everyone retards before that happens to you, and in the meantime I’ll vividly describe why you deserve to die.

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