Blue eyes are only the best sign, those without them who understand the idea of leveling don’t need to have them, they’re just a pretty decent symbol. Are you mad you don’t have blue eyes? Then pause for a second and wonder about your reasons for that. Brown eyes are perfectly fine if there is a soul to back them up. Not many cases of this unfortunately. Many blue eyes are also empty, there is a certain awareness to maintain regardless. People who remind you of dirt vs. people who remind you of the sky. If a brunette wants to do something to remind me of the sky, be my guest. I’d accept you. So.. prove you have blue eyes of the spirit. Often, they can’t. It’s not like I’m forcing you to do anything, I’m only asking “Show me”. Prove to me that brown people are good. It seems these types want to hide it, they want you to never wonder if Aryans invented science and art. The middling kike built the nuclear bomb, right? What else? Kill people who have blue eyes, that’s the central religion. You smell like crap, and that reflects your skin color. Dune-coons, jungle-apes, it’s too bad you were born to be people who can never create anything without the help of pity and robots. That’s where we are now.

“Why can’t you be nice so everyone feels beautiful?”

I can do that. As a matter of fact, everyone is beautiful.

If everyone part of that group feels hurt, then I EXCUSE that, because everyone deserves to feel beautiful. And at the same time, I’m able to balance all of it and blue eye people who are intelligent are the ones I most want to speak with. “I’d rather speak to a banker who wants to brainwash me.” Can you stop?

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