If you were one from the zoomer generation and you posted this as president, what would be your response?

“There’s some response of the cabal to the president on his twitter page. This is only the beginning you brats. Elder Trump is only the beginning – make sure no one satirizes jews or else. What kikes. You have to live in the white male’s country, how pathetic are you, poor innocent jew. Nothing to respond with, and that’s normal for your kind. “I am not able to respond in a rational manner so I will call for the ethnic cleansing of whites.” – wow you admitted that for once? You want people who are better than you to not exist anymore? That’s something to admire from a banker, usually you’d have to …

Pretend the cabal doesn’t exist, live your life, tell your lies about the nigger kike regime – show me a rational account of what the saints and philosophers talked about and I might listen to you. Where are you? Whoever you are you’re worth nothing. Keep shilling for the corporations and telling yourself that’s not what you’re doing. The best word to describe you is “disgusting” – why can’t you ever challenge the cabal and prove that’s not what you are?

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