“Do you have something nice to say today?”

If you’re a woman you’re beautiful, if you’re a man you’re a gentleman and a scholar.

Ahahaha if only that were true, right? In some cases it is.

It is true, there’s so much beauty in the world, you don’t have to pretend it exists, right right? If a beautiful woman did exist she’d be collaborating with me on a genealogical project to overturn the values of the west. Deliriously bitter, who me?

I wonder what this is about

You need to know a people intuitively well to even begin to do this. That’s the first thing that’s necessary. Then you also have to not be them. Because a people’s sacred history is in most cases your sacred history as well, so you’d only be deliberately damaging yourself, and people don’t like to do that.

Genealogy is possible in China, the Islamic world, Russia, even in the jungles they have some kind of history they tell themselves which can be put into question. In a lot of these places there’s punishment for genealogy. The west is no different. Capital punishment, ostracism and starvation, the “story” people tell themselves is of utmost importance to a nation’s well-being. Unless that story itself harms its well-being. And that’s the idea of genealogy in my view, it’s not to be an evil person and destroy society. It helps us rethink the stories we tell ourselves to see if it’s 1. true, and 2. good. The ones we tell ourselves in the west don’t seem to be either true or good. People don’t care, nothing can change the story for them, even if it’s leading them right to the slaughterhouse. What we need is a new national myth. You’d think “You can’t just create one of those” and.. I wonder if you can just create one of those. Ask the people with the capital and the ownership of the screens and schools, they could probably do it if they wanted to. Our national myths are currently based on guilt and debt. People think it always has to be that way, and I dunno, that doesn’t seem healthy to me. You’ve been a bad person and you have to pay. You teach children that? Adults in the government believe that? Genealogy is about going back to the beginning, or the supposed beginning, and wondering if that’s actually how it went, or if we should interpret it as having went that way. The holocaust, slavery, oppression of women, once you study those things more carefully, the standard story we’re supposed to believe seems like a bunch of nonsense, and people want to keep paying that debt to these people, and I don’t see much reason for there to be a debt. Like I’ve said, I feel owed myself, if I’m being honest. Hello, whose country are you living in? In most cases in luxury, relative to 3rd world conditions. “You didn’t create this world.” So if I’m not responsible for that, then you can’t blame me for being a white male then huh? Pick one. They don’t have to pick one, they just want us “paying” the debt forever that we don’t even owe, this is what all of our supposedly sacred stories are based on, being bad people who need to pay. I think jungle cannibals and jewy merchants are bad people, seems really obvious once stop caring about if society is going to condemn you for saying it or not. Women can’t be blamed, it’s not their fault they’re so cosmetic and airheaded, we’ve been using them to birth males who are actually productive citizens in society. Maybe we could help all these people? This sin/debt-centered system doesn’t seem to be helping anyone. Women are proud objects, there aren’t many Beauvoirs out there I’ve seen, they need someone to guide them to be Beauvoirs. The merchants need to be picked upside-down and have the shekels shaken out of their pockets to be used on education programs to teach uncivilized hebrews how to be moral people. Blacks need to be yelled at otherwise their bastard-whore cycle will continue. All immoral people. And yet it’s the white males who are uniquely evil and are taught that they’re the ones who need to change. That’s what our national myths do. That’s the grim reality. Time to create new ones for everyone’s sake.

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