Everyone thinks about Chinese people using our social media – what about us using theirs? Why are all these posts I find “encrypted”? I try to start an account with Sina and it isn’t so easy, you need a Chinese phone number. Looks like some interesting criticisms of the US too, and I can only see the titles. Google hasn’t scrubbed Mandarin results as meticulously as it has English ones. This seems like a potential “freezone” of the internet, between google and baidu.

I wonder if Xi would like this

This is just great to read

The two cabals are in cahoots.

Same dynamic here- the one who’s ostensibly removing corruption is corrupt himself.

Something dangerous I unfortunately haven’t found from that Chinaman I was quoting yesterday is a list of people like him… I’m looking for something like that now. A collection of preserved sites of dissidents the Chinese government had shot. Disturbing to think that that Chinaman doesn’t have such a list because he’s the only one like him. Nah, it couldn’t be that bad in China- unless?

Synchronicity from an unrelated site

Not sure if that’s sci-fi, pal.

The descendants of the ones who caused the worst tragedy in human history still control China, so you tell me.

Half the people of India and Indonesia use a VPN too, who knows what kinds of dissidents they have over there. People forget that India is catching up to China, population-wise.

It’s depressing to look around the English internet and see how few non-cogs there really are. Link me to them if they exist!! Do it! And I can only expect that people living in an “oriental despotism” are even worse off. Sad world. Primitive governments seem to thrive on stupid citizens. If you think this is “the end of history” you’re absolutely lost. If you believe that it just shows that you’re one of the primitives of this time. At least someone feels at home in 2020, I’m happy for you.

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