They really do not like the new gutenberg over there

How many dissidents must they have if they have to employ two million to keep them quiet?

Look at this jester

Watch, it’ll turn out that he’s one of those two million employees. Super-cynicism aside, how does he do it?

You have to be two types of nerd at once to be a non-disappeared dissident in China. On his site it looks like he has about the same amount of posts on technology as he does on politics. He’s a programmer like a Moldbug, I wonder if there’s a connection there – a type of overlapping cognition? He’s just talking about how to free 1.4 billion people here, no big deal. The question is, how can Chinese find someone like him in the first place without knowing what he teaches? There could be people like that in the west that we don’t know about yet. I’ve been actively looking for someone like that for years at least. Can never find them if you never look.

You think that as China “rises” its oriental despotism is going to go away, and that it isn’t going to affect us? That’s false, naive, count on less freedom. All kinds of leveling is going to be diminishing our subjectivities as the years go on- Latin American, African American, Chinese. “Freespiritism” is going to be less and less possible. It’s already rare today. Lots of people deliberately want to make it worse. Scapegoat anyone who tries to stop it. People don’t want subjectivity, they want to return to the dirt from whence we arose. Many are already “animate matter” and they try to make the remaining spirits in their image. Any time I’ve used a slur has been a direct way of remarking on this evil process. Calling animate matter what it is, and warning you that it’s trying to make you animate matter like it is.

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