People don’t like to be feet for some reason – this is making me laugh

How are you supposed to walk?

The RSS? Is that like an Indian version of the Chabad? Icy brahmins would be my best friends. I’m sure the feet of society would hate them.

Look at this spiteful shudra

Therefore, such backward Hindus feel proud in propagating the Gita, Ramayana and Vedas in the name of the nation

Don’t you have some walking to do for us, boy?

The stench of the feet of the US is really getting to me today, I can’t stand them. It’s like there’s no head, it’s all feet. A society of feet. What’s the point of walking if you’re not carrying a head around? Oh right, I’m asking feet this question, how are they supposed to respond? There’s no point to life in our society, that’s why everyone feels this sense of meaninglessness. Feet hopping nowhere, for nothing. Egypt, China, I’ve left out this other ancient civilization, because of that one shudra. Need to find some Indian heads on the internet.

Look at this neologism from this Brahmin

“No no no, the entire point of leftism is to pretend that’s not what we are!” Leftists are like a cross between a head and a foot, at best- most of them are feet.

Similar struggle in India it looks like

I can see myself having lots of fun on the Hindi internet. Is rangordnung-thinking first-nature for this caste? America needs to heal, from the stink of the feet everywhere. Maybe there are some Hindu writers with a natural pathos of distance we can learn from? Harris is a dirty foot for a head, I wonder what effect that would have on the national consciousness. The feet of society are tapping the ground with excitement at the “thought” of it.

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