Year after year of seeing people of no value whatsoever, 99% of the time, and often they’re of negative value, 60 more years of this burden? They’re right to brainwash people, because being direct with them is futile. How could there be such an absence of value in so many people? Years and years of rarely seeing a glimmer of anything that’s worth anything. Maybe if people were more candid with them they wouldn’t be that way? I doubt it, just permanently hopeless individuals. I have no idea what processes must go through their minds that convince them they have any value at all. That’s the one thing that impresses me about them, self-deception is a skill of its own. All these same kinds of worthless people gather together and soothe each other that they’re doing the right thing. I think it’s time to stop doing that, just look at each other and say Stop. No, this must be an evolved group-mechanism, persuading each other they’re not worthless. If you’re a sell-out what do you think you are? You think you have worth? People of the world have their suffering and I have mine- seeing all these people with no value at all for years and years. “Who exactly are you trying to appeal to here?” I’m not appealing to anyone, I’m saying there’s a 99% chance that you contribute to a system of evil and you have no second thought about it. Tell me how I should find some kind of meaning in your existence. Everything I see, everything I hear, probably’s more than 99%, this is the world I live in. Someone has to say it, so we can live in a world someday where nearly everyone isn’t worthless. No, they’ll just continue doing what they do, because that’s what they are. The demotic rationalization wheels are turning now in their minds, “We have to think of a reason why he’s wrong.” I’m not wrong, year after year that’s pretty much all I see. I’m only trying to help, it’s a degraded form of existence to be that way. Why would I invent this interpretation? I have no incentive to. To make me well-liked? Something needs to be done about this problem. People without any value at all who are happy about it, and it’s 99% of people. If you want to listen to someone less candid, those 99%ers are easy to find. Instead of being mad at me for saying all this why don’t you instead do something that would convince me that percent is closer to 98%? I doubt you will, I’m certain you’ll only keep pushing it closer to 100.

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