The fact that people have probably always been this pathetic throughout history makes me judge the ones alive now less for some reason. Never had a chance. I see it as a result of atheist couplings for thousands of years. Not necessarily in terms of Christianity. People with a dim understanding of the divine reproducing to create people like them. What are proles if not people with a dim understanding of the divine? They don’t have any kind of noble goals, they’re easily content. Nothing against farmers, I love food, it’s just the modern world is to a great degree the result of “farmers and the women who loved them” and this outside of populist political rhetoric can only be seen as something humble. Then there’s the Mammonite faction, which is easy to be jealous of because they have so much power- is their understanding of the divine dim? It depends, I’d have to see a survey that uses lie-detector tests – the question seems to be whether praying to the shekel god is an end in itself, because it does seem that is the case frequently. Because there are probably plenty of people who solely want to get rich so they can use their wealth to bring the divine into the world. And of course most of them will tell you and themselves that’s what they’re doing, when cynics might doubt their motivations. They want to be recognized by “the Farm” as well as their fellow Mammon cultists, that’s one part of it, and that isn’t noble in itself because the Farm and Mammon tend to only recognize people like them who have a dim understanding of the the divine. “Who are you to say what the divine is?” Who is anyone to, at least I’m trying to make these distinctions. Then there’s the rare likelihood of finding superhumans among the Farm and Mammonites, which these two groups are forced to recognize, because they are in some ineluctable way beholden to the divine despite their general vulgarity. That’s possible- as I ranted yesterday, I don’t really see them anywhere. It’s mostly the Farm and Mammon. I hope people are not so triggered by now when I speak directly of things? I know that’s wishful thinking. Being opposed to the Farm and Mammon involves eugenic thinking. You don’t want the you of the future to be half “farmers and the women who loved them” nor Mammonite shekel-worshipers. This is eugenics. Can you say that without feeling like a bad person- “Eugenics is good.” Sound it out loud, go ahead. Otherwise, if you’re incapable of doing that, your destiny is likely to be to remain on the Farm and/or to pray to Mammon. Many many many such cases. The Mammonites of today reinforce this dysgenic thinking among the farmers, that’s one of the central reasons I despise them, and doubt their understanding of the divine. They promote “atheistic” breeding. I’m sure there’s a Salvadorian with some nice milk jugs on her- all that would result in is some motor-boating and the reproduction of a farmer. They’ve persuaded the population that all it takes is for a farmer to go to school to change alchemically, and they’ve played on the insecurities of the Farm to convince them of that. The reality it seems is that a dim understanding of the divine cannot be simply educated out in many if not most cases. If you want to show me a Salvadorian who is profound be my guest. I read yesterday about how Chinese novels are rarely translated in Russia because they’re perceived as simplistic and cliche, thus not worth the effort. And the Chinese are a race of the world relatively attuned to the divine. Usually when farmers (or the women who love them) and mammon fetishists see people talking the way I do they have to make up all kinds of excuses for themselves. When you do that, that’s just your destiny to perpetuate the Farm and Mammon. Like I started this post, I doubt this is new in history, the people who rationalize their dim understanding of the divine have been doing the same thing for countless generations, and they’ll probably continue to do so for countless more.

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