Seeing if the Hindi internet can help us think outside the box

This is from a shudra trying to expose the brahmins. I find lots of this so far. When what I want to find is brahmin perspectives. And yet, can’t you relate to this shudra here? I’d like to see secret documents of the plans of our plutocrats.

Everyone knows Gandhi was killed. No one knows who killed him or why, just that him being killed is a horrible travesty. Can you imagine ever being the type of monster who would identify with the one who killed Gandhi? I’ve recently found a group of brahmins that are linked to that awful slaying. I just want to know their side of the story, does that make me a bad person? “Yes, it’s GANDHI we’re talking about here.” What do you even know about Gandhi? What if he was just promoted as a saint here because he was a globalist?

Anyway, this is a right-wing Hindu group known as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, has about 6 million members, making it the largest voluntary group in the world. Could these be some friends across the sea?

“Oh hell no.”

You don’t know the RSS, Gandhi could’ve been like Jack for all you know. The silicon hippies would probably save Gandhi in a fire before Jesus, wouldn’t they? He’s one of the crypto-saints of the prog religion – “Love everyone” i.e. “Love evil too”. You know I’m not wrong about that. Love evil, the state religion. That’s actually a charitable interpretation of them, that they enshrine Love above all else. It’s like they try to be a Beatle, and all the end up being is a bug. I don’t “love” lowbrow culture, do you? That’s the telos of the prog religion. It’s false enlightenment. An upper-caste of Ringos. That’s another historiographical thought-experiment – would the world be a better place if Lennon had been shot sooner? I know that’s a blasphemous idea. When I look at the west, how plebeian tastes are all-pervasive, and how the hippie revolution was integral to this reality, I do find that thought to be less blasphemous. In Leary’s language, should we have universal love for people of all circuits? Yes. Should we universalize the lower circuits? The descendants of the hippies of today answer that in the affirmative. It’s an ugly reality, that they want to universalize the first few terrestrial “creature” circuits and eliminate the voices of those who represent higher circuits. You get the society you deserve. False enlightenment mainstreamed, what they call wokeness. So, warming up to the RSS yet at all?

You know what caste Gandhi himself was, right?

Bania, also spelled Baniya, (from Sanskrit vanijya, “trade”), Indian caste consisting generally of moneylenders or merchants

Reminds me of our woketards. Mammonites with a dim understanding of the divine.

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