Bioleninism of India

Are they feet? I’ve never met one. I’d consider Artxell a dirty foot. There’s a difference between being falsely taught you’re lowly and disgusting, and actually being lowly and disgusting. Maybe the brahmins have tricked them into believing that? Our brahmins here have tricked us. Isn’t the cathedral’s portrayal of white nationalists, as confederate rednecks who bang their cousins, a sort of foot? The nastiest foot of all. 1950s white America doesn’t seem like a foot to me, and that’s what white nationalism tends to use as an ideal model. Seems that anyone who’d try to convince us that a white nation is equivalent to a dirty foot is a dirty foot themselves. That’s what’s useful about studying the contemporary Indian caste system – people like me can relate to the shudras, and at the same time relate to the brahmins’ subordination of the shudras. So it can get confusing. And that’s good because that can help us see the world a bit differently than usual. Are our brahmins truly brahmins? You know it’s a resounding “No” from me. Am I a shudra for not wanting to live in merchant-engineered hedonic consoomerist slut immigrant tolerance ghetto vulgarity culture? If you like that culture you are a shudra. If you’re too much of a coward to say anything this culture you are less than a kshatriya (a warrior). So maybe you’re not the lowest of the low, a shudra, maybe you’re between a kshatriya and a shudra, maybe you’re a vaishya, (a merchant or farmer)? See, aren’t we having fun with the Indian way of looking at things? People think of their blue deities and expect them to represent some hippie nonsense, nope. So the chances are you’re a vaishya, what are you going to do about that, are you going to be content about being that caste? Are you a “self-hating grifter in denial”? Then the chances are you’re a vaishya, or possibly a crafty shudra. It’s only when you’re aware of the differences of castes that you might be able to pivot out of one and into another. In our culture they want everyone to adapt to the ways of the vaishyas and shudras, rather than the other way around. Wouldn’t you prefer a society of brahmins? Take that up with our version of brahmins, because they’re the ones who try to normalize everyone being vaishyas and shudras. Kind of makes you wonder if they’re actually brahmins if they do that. Maybe the brahmins of India are different and we could learn from them, I’m looking for their written materials now.

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